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5 Years Later, Big Oil Keeps Spilling

Five years ago, the BP oil spill dumped over 200 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, devastating the environment and local economies.

Oil executives called it a “rare incident.”

But five years and 70,000 “rare incidents” later — including a nasty spill right here in Lake Michigan – Chicagoans have decided it’s time for a cleaner, safer choice at the pump.

To mark the anniversary of the BP spill and show that the oil industry has yet to clean up its act, Americans United for Change has launched a new website, www.RareIncidents.com, a clearing house for the latest local news and reports on oil industry-related disasters in Americans’ own backyards.

A full-page ad in the Chicago Sun-Times is calling upon Chicagoans to send a message to the City Council that it’s time to support the E15 Clean Air Ordinance and give drivers the choice of a cleaner, safer alternative at the gas pump.