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Op-Ed: E15 “A Smart Business Decision”

Joel Hennen, owner of Hennen’s Auto Service in Shakopee, Minnesota, penned an opinion piece for the Chicago Sun Times that praised E15 as good for the environment, good for consumers, and good for retailers like himself. E15 is more environmentally friendly, provides cost savings at the pump for consumers, and is being offered by large retailers.

Hennen offers the following perspective as a a station owner himself:

Additionally, E15 is a smart business decision. Just look at the retailers across the country who are offering higher ethanol fuels: Murphy USA recently announced that it will provide E15 at stations across Illinois, and Sheetz will introduce E15 in North Carolina. In Chicago, though, the oil industry will continue its stranglehold unless the government acts. Toward that end, a fund has been established to give retailers financial support to make the change, offering a common-sense approach to introducing a new, better product to a market that is clearly ready.

Reed the full op-ed in the Chicago Sun Times