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Rep. Danny Davis: Big Oil Putting Profits First

In an opinion piece in the Chicago Sun-Times, Representative Danny Davis says that Big Oil’s lobbying power is putting industry interests over public health concerns. Davis cites several examples, but focuses particularly on the oil industry’s efforts to fight the E15 Clean Air Ordinance here in Chicago.

Davis writes about Chicago’s proud tradition of being a leader in the fight for cleaner air and water. He is proud of Chicago being the first major city to ban lead in gasoline. He ends with a rousing appeal:

For those who decry the piles of petcoke on our shores, for those who worry about greenhouse gases that are the death knells for land and ocean alike, for those who are outraged at the disparate numbers of asthma and cancer in minority communities, for those who protest against the loss of American lives in oil­ wars, there is only one choice: end fossil fuel dependence.

Read Representative Davis’ full editorial in the Chicago Sun-Times.