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The Benefits

When drivers can choose E15 fuel at the pump, everyone benefits — thanks to improved air quality and reduced oil pollution, more competitive gas prices, and more jobs.

The “Chicago Clean Air Ordinance” simply offers drivers another choice at the pump – cleaner, more affordable E15 gas. Everyone will have the option to keep buying whatever gas they use now.

From Lakeshore Drive to Harlem Avenue, all Chicagoans stand to win. Why?

    • Cleaner Air – the ordinance will help clean up Chicago’s air quality. Chicago’s air quality will improve when drivers have the choice to use E15, because the cleaner-burning Illinois-grown renewable fuels in E15 emit fewer toxic exhaust emissions. That’s good news for the South Side, where cancer-causing pollutants cause illness and death — and where piles of dusty black residue called ‘petcoke’ are hauled to the city from Canada’s tar sands, worsening air quality — and good news for people throughout Chicago.
    • Reduced Dependence on Foreign Oil – homegrown ethanol displaces over 1 million gallons of petroleum per day. Ethanol production in 2013 replaced 462 million barrels of crude oil – the equivalent of U.S. imports from Venezuela and Iraq combined. Using E15 means more of our gas dollars end up staying in America rather than being sent overseas. And unlike oil, ethanol is renewable. Why import foreign oil when we can grow cleaner, cheaper fuel right here in Illinois?
    • Lower Gas Prices – gas prices are lower when drivers have the choice to use E15, because renewable fuels are less expensive than gasoline and prices go down when oil companies have to compete. That’s good for Chicago, currently home to the nation’s highest gas prices. And growing America’s renewable fuel industry will reduce our dependence on fossil fuels from hostile foreign nations that cause your prices at the pump to spike.
    • A Healthier Illinois Economy – E15 means more jobs and economic output for Illinois – more Midwestern renewables, less Middle Eastern fossil fuel. The renewable fuels industry already supports 73,156 jobs and $4.7 billion in wages in Illinois. Moving to E15 will create 12,000 new Illinois jobs that can’t be outsourced.
    • Better Performing Cars – the renewable fuel content in E15 is better for drivers’ engines because ethanol is higher octane than traditional fuel, improving engine performance.

The bottom line: Giving drivers the right to choose E15 fuel will improve Chicago’s air quality, lower prices at the pump, create jobs in Illinois, and break our reliance on fossil fuels from unstable foreign markets.

Why Chicago E15?


In 2012, ethanol use reduced carbon emissions equal to removing 5.2 million vehicles from the road.

Less expensiveEconomical

Drivers would save 5 to 15 cents with E15.

Better for enginesExperienced

Ethanol is a higher-octane fuel that improves engine performance.

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