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While the Chicago City Council considers the ordinance to bring E15 to gas stations across the city, Chicago’s fuel retailers may have some questions about E15. Get the answers here:

So what is E15 gas, anyway?

E15 is a blend of 85% gasoline and up to 15% renewable fuel (ethanol). Ethanol is a higher-octane fuel that improves engine performance. That’s why it has been added to gasoline for decades — and is even used in professional auto racing. Gas stations across America are offering E15 at a price advantage over regular gas — $0.05 to $0.15 less per gallon.

What’s the advantage of E15?

E15 benefits retailers, consumers, and the public. E15 will help keep gas prices down, putting more money in drivers’ pockets. This means consumers can finally take the road trip they’ve always wanted to go on, and fill up at the station more often for less. Retailers who are already offering E15 at their stations have seen high costumer satisfaction as well as demand.

How will E15 affect my business?

Places like Minnesota, where retailers have been offering higher percentage blends for years, have seen economic gains by offering less expensive, higher performance fuel alternatives. Retailers have not only reported savings for drivers, but also reductions in their operating costs — a win for consumers and retailers alike.

What is this City of Chicago ordinance I have read about?

The City of Chicago is currently considering a proposal that will bring E15 to Chicago gas stations. This would ensure that drivers have the option of a cleaner fuel alternative at the pump. The ordinance would create a fund to cover the costs of the transition for retailers. Retailers have been at the mercy of Big Oil when it comes to fuel options at their stations, but this ordinance would change that — making cleaner, safer E15 available to all. 

Is E15 gas really going to be cheaper?

Yes. E15 gas really is less expensive than regular gas, and is projected to save consumers between $0.05 and $0.15 per gallon. And because ethanol increases the available fuel supply, it helps to drive down the price of gasoline for all drivers.

Oil companies have claimed that American renewable fuels can affect food prices. Is that true?

No. According to the World Bank, the number one cause of food inflation is actually rising crude oil prices.

Ethanol is produced from corn used primarily for animal feed, not as a direct consumer product, and corn-based ethanol only uses the starch from the corn kernel. The remaining components are processed into a competitively priced, high quality livestock feed that reduces the need for additional corn and soybeans to feed farm livestock. The U.S. ethanol industry is the third largest producer of livestock feed in the world, trailing only the U.S. and Chinese corn production industries.

Furthermore, newer production technologies are allowing ethanol to be produced from agricultural waste.

Can all cars use E15?

The EPA has approved E15 for use with light duty vehicles model year 2001 and newer. This represents over 80% of the cars, trucks and SUVs on the road today. E15 is the most widely tested fuel ever in the United States. The Department of Energy tested 86 different vehicles a total of over 6 million miles, and found no harm to emissions equipment and no issues with engine durability.

Additionally, the Travelers Motor Club and Association Motor Club support E15, saying, “not one of our 18 million members has called us with a problem related to the new E15 fuel or any ethanol blend.” They went on to say that “we encourage you to try it [E15] with confidence.”

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Why Chicago E15?


In 2012, ethanol use reduced carbon emissions equal to removing 5.2 million vehicles from the road.

Less expensiveEconomical

Drivers would save 5 to 15 cents with E15.

Better for enginesExperienced

Ethanol is a higher-octane fuel that improves engine performance.

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