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The Chicago Clean Air Ordinance — it’s a commonsense measure that offers Chicago consumers a cleaner, less expensive choice at the pump.

‘Chicago Clean Air Ordinance’ Explained

  • The Chicago Clean Air Ordinance allows consumers to make their own decisions by ensuring that a mid-grade E15 ethanol blend will be available at all Chicago retail stations. Everyone will still have the option to buy the gas they’ve been buying.
  • The ordinance will improve Chicago’s air quality. It gives Chicago consumers access to a clean, American-made renewable fuel that costs less and improves engine performance. Most importantly, it will reduce oil pollution and carcinogens in the air.

Curious to see the proposed ordinance? Read it in full here.

Why E15 Fuel?

E15, a blend of 85 percent gasoline and up to 15 percent ethanol, is a renewable biofuel grown and produced right here in Illinois.

  • Ethanol is a higher-octane fuel that improves engine performance. That’s why it has been added to gasoline for decades and is now being blended at higher levels into the fuels used throughout professional auto racing.
  • E15 gas is significantly less expensive than regular gas, saving consumers between 5 and 15 cents per gallon. That’s because it’s made right here in Illinois from homegrown renewable fuels, and it’s getting more efficient to produce every year thanks to the ingenuity of Illinois’ agriculture and renewable fuels industries.
  • The EPA has approved E15 for use with light duty vehicles model year 2001 and newer, which represent over 80 percent of the cars, trucks, and SUVs on the road today as well as 85 percent of unleaded fuel sold. E15 is the most widely tested fuel ever in the United States. In fact, because ethanol is a high octane, high performance fuel, it actually improves your engine performance.

Why Chicago E15?


In 2012, ethanol use reduced carbon emissions equal to removing 5.2 million vehicles from the road.

Less expensiveEconomical

Drivers would save 5 to 15 cents with E15.

Better for enginesExperienced

Ethanol is a higher-octane fuel that improves engine performance.

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